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Mastering Studio & Dolby Atmos

Welcome to WooDBox Mastering Studio, Jeff Ferrand's mastering studio. The studio specializes in mastering for streaming, vinyl, CD, and also in immersive Dolby Atmos.

But also, for different artists for singles, compilations, collaborations, EP or LP ... :

Alain Johannes (Producer of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys ...USA) / Boris Jardel (Indochine, FR) /  Poppa Chubby (USA) / Fred Chapelier (FR) / Dick Rivers (FR) / Axel Bauer (FR) /  Didier Wampas (FR) /  Charlélie Couture (FR) / Brian Lopez (USA) / Gérard Lanvin (FR) / Calvin Russell (USA)  / Elodie Sablier (FR) / Cachemire (FR) / In Time (FR) / Théo Charaf (FR) / Beverly Jo Scott (USA/BE) / Neal Black and The Healers (USA) / Johnny Gallagher (IRL) / Craig Walker (IRL) / Haylen (FR) / Hugh Coltman (GB) / David Minster (CHE) / Boney Fields (USA) / Mr Low Kash (USA) ...

And hundreds of different artists, spanning various styles...

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